Technology Case Study

Using Data to Drive a Corporate Brand Refresh 


Account Management
Business Strategy
Data Analytics


  • The Brief

    Our agency client wanted to pitch an extensive rebrand project, including a radical redevelopment of the brand architecture, to a publicly traded company in the technology space. To successfully position such a rebrand, our agency client needed an analytics-driven approach which would demonstrate the business potential to the C-suite.

  • The Approach

    brandlove applied, adjusted, and customized marketing models to not only help develop a success measurement plan for the rebrand, but to demonstrate the possible impact of the rebrand on brand equity and additional internal KPIs.

  • The Solution

    We started out with an assessment of existing marketing and sales data while reviewing future goals. By extracting relevant insights from existing information and market research, we applied predictive modeling to showcase the potential for positive changes in KPIs such as lead generation, conversion, and churn rate, amongst others. Subsequent to that, we took a look at the rebrand as a potential driving force behind future growth of CLV and brand equity. We selected and adjusted existing models to develop forecasts and hypotheses concerning scenarios with and without rebranding efforts. Finally, we outlined how KPIs and different campaigns would be measured. We started with the measurement strategy and the statistical methods, and from there broke it down into example formulas and calculations, including what an analytics dashboard could look like.

  • The Result

    We were able to demonstrate how an upfront investment in a rebrand would positively change KPIs and drive long-term growth. Outlining the marketing as well as success measurement strategy behind the rebrand to senior executives, our agency client was able to sell the rebranding project and move forward with the client.