Manufacturing Case Study

Developing a Content Strategy That Enables B2B Sales


Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Content Mapping
Media and Communications Planning


  • The Brief

    A global CNC machine tool manufacturer was looking for a new digital marketing approach specific to the U.S. market in order to successfully address key changes within the industry and drive sales enablement. The brand’s existing agency tasked with this project had limited expertise in the area and brandlove was hired on a white label basis to provide the strategy and content planning that could inform a website rebuild and social media overhaul. In an industry that still relies mainly on “traditional” sales efforts, introducing a digitally-driven marketing strategy opened new avenues to reaching the incoming generation of decision-makers in manufacturing.  

  • The Approach

    Given the complex channel ecosystem in manufacturing, we had to connect the brand with its various end-customers and, at the same time, incentivize and empower distributors to successfully sell the brand’s solutions. Our focus was not only on initial sales but the overall life cycle. The digital content strategy had to engage the audience throughout the lifetime of a machine to increase customer retention, prove excellent in service, and grow sales.

  • The Solution

    We started with an extensive discovery phase conducting primary and secondary research. Based on the insights gained, we identified different decision-makers within the industries and throughout the buyer journey, segmented the audience accordingly, and created buyer personas. Establishing customer-centricity, craftsmanship, heritage, and leadership as the main pillars to connect the brand with its various audiences, we created specific messaging. Next, we developed a digital content map to outline the implementation of the strategy and guide the website development. We concluded the project with a marketing and media plan that would allow for ongoing execution and iteration.

  • The Result

    Our strategy and roadmap to implementation was anonymously approved by the end-client’s U.S. management team and is currently being implemented.